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Why use it?

Why use social media? Many people now access goods and services using their computer, tablet or smartphone and sign up to at least one social media platform that they use on a regular basis.

By publishing fun and informative Facebook and Blog posts and interesting and witty Tweets, you’ll reach a large audience of potential customers. Social media platforms connect with a vast number of people, but your posts really need to stand out to be noticed amongst all the rest. Well-written articles and comments, often accompanied by eye-catching photos and useful links, can certainly bring your business to the attention of a wider following and therefore new clients.

Many companies that use our social media services report that they have received new custom as a direct result of this interaction.

Blog Posts: Think of a Blog, or even a Facebook or Google Plus page, as a form of newsletter. We can write carefully thought-out posts, that will keep the public informed of your company’s innovations, performance,  

involvement in local or charity issues and general news. This increases your company profile, highlighting your most positive attributes such as community spirit, innovative attitude, individual services and new product lines.

Get in touch with us to discuss a social media package tailored to your company. Contact us at:

Mobile: 07903602357

Office e-mail: gty.harris@graphicstoyou.co.uk

Marketing e-mail: gty.marketing@graphicstoyou.co.uk

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