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Online Adverts

GTY Marketing is able to create an eye-catching, effective advertisement for your company, which may include animations, to be displayed online. These advertisements reach a wide target audience, thus getting your business noticed by a larger potential client base.

Social Networking

There is an increasing amount of social media at our fingertips, which can be used in any marketing campaign. From Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and the like, to SMS messaging, texts and emails, all of which are valuable in any marketing plan. These resources work in two ways, to keep the public (i.e. potential clients) informed of company products and activities, and for the public to contact you with feedback and enquiries. For example, clients are able to request a brochure from you by emailing your account.

Press Releases

If your business practices tie in with any current news items, it’s possible to issue a topical press release concerning your company. It’s also possible to generate news by involving your business in local issues, charity events etc, therefore creating a newsworthy article. These positive press releases act as excellent advertisements for your company.

Design for Print

Not only should a brochure or leaflet contain all the correct information in an easily readable format, it should scream, "read me", by its appearance. The correct photography, creative typography, persuasive copywriting, quality reproduction and professional finish are all brought together by GTY to create the ideal brochure for your business.

Your publication needs to be put at the top of the pile, not at bottom of the bin, when the mail is opened!

Customer Feedback

By obtaining feedback from existing customers, we can ascertain the way your company is perceived, so that its strengths can be promoted further, whilst any negative aspects can be addressed. Similarly, by canvassing potential customers, we can determine what further steps need to be taken to encourage them to become actual customers. We’ll provide the appropriate forms/questionnaires for these purposes.

Promotional Schemes

An excellent way to increase your company's profile or to introduce your new business is to run an exciting, attention-grabbing promotion to engage potential clients. Promotions can take many forms, for example prize draws, competitions, discounted rates for specified periods, new customer incentives, voucher distribution and a variety of very innovative ideas. GTY will help devise your ideal promotion.

Domain Name Registration

To be found amongst all the many businesses promoting themselves on the web, you need a domain name that is simple enough for people to remember, yet unique enough to be found amongst the millions of others. We can find and register the most suitable name for you.

The Marketing Department that comes To You!

You have probably considered the benefits of having your own marketing team, including web designers, copy-writers, graphic designers, print buyers and researchers, but have concluded that hiring such a team would not be financially viable. There is, however, another option.

By agreeing a contract with GTY Marketing, you will have all these services available on request. We have the means to help drive your business forward, reaching out to new customers in a wider market, increasing your profile and your profits.

We will happily discuss any ideas that you may have, whilst bringing you new and exciting ones of our own and continue to work with you on a variety of marketing projects, discussing your options at every stage.