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Designer – Rob

Having completed an illustration course at Cambridge, Rob has over 30 years experience in graphic design, forming Graphics To You in 2008. From computer led graphics to hand-drawn illustrations and a natural instinct for design, he knows how to create just the effect that you’re looking for.

With many years experience in graphic design, creating individual products for a wide variety of businesses and organisations, we have an in-depth knowledge in and flair for both web and print design. Add to this our comprehensive copywriting and marketing skills and you have a great service that can give your business a boost.

Working from our base in Kent, we visit all of our clients in person, as we believe that nothing beats the personal touch. We aim to create a finished design that completely fits your brief and will work closely with you to achieve that result.

Our satisfied clients range from double-glazing installers to motorcycle dealers, a dog welfare organisation to a coffee shop and skilled engineers to property developers. Our versatility is such that we can create the right design whatever your business.

GTY Lead Designer - Rob

Copywriter - Joy

From her childhood poetry and story writing to producing text in many forms over the years for a diverse selection of companies, Joy has developed and honed her copywriting skills to deliver copy that will reach out to your specific target audience. She likes to get her teeth into a bit of research too, adding depth to her copy.

GTY Lead Copywriter - Joy

Artwork & Services include:

Website & blog designs

Marketing solutions


Print artworks - adverts, brochures, flyers, newsletters, company id and promotional

Logo designs

Illustrations and vector graphics

Display, multimedia and screen artworks

Additional photography and photo retouching

What to do next...

Do I need pictures? Have I got to write about what we do and make? If all of this design stuff is a bit daunting, let us help you step by step; just give us a ring…

Mobile: 07903602357